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A New Phone for Elderly Users

The population is aging because people are living longer than ever before. Advanced in technology, medications, and surgical procedures can keep people alive well into their eighties and nineties. Some of those advances are leaving the elderly behind as mobile devices are becoming smaller and more complex. A cellular phone is easy to use while a smart phone can be difficult to program and operate.

A smart phone is a great device for seniors to own and operate because it can keep them connected to family and friends. It can also serve to remind them of appointments, medication times, and lists of items they need while out shopping. Smart phones provide many benefits to help the elderly remain as independent as possible.

A New Product

A smart phone designed specifically for elderly users has been introduced by snapfon. It is called the ezTWO3G and is available separately or with one of four service plans. Exclusive features, easy to understand manuals, and videos available online for reference makes operating this phone simple. It also has large buttons that can be seen by aging eyes.


The phone includes a keypad lock slide switch, enhanced volume, an LED flashlight, four alarm modes, and eight speed dial keys. Menus are simplified and the phone is hearing aid compatible. Special features include a warning system to let users know the battery is getting low, and a speaking keypad.

An alert system for emergencies is also on the phone. When users press the "SOS" key for three to five seconds a loud siren can be heard. The phone also sends voice and text messages to five phones that have been programmed into the system by users. Automatically switching to speaker phone mode makes it easier to complete emergency calls as well.

Additional Services

A twenty-four hour monitoring service can be added to any snapfon plan for a low monthly charge. A protection policy accompanies every plan for replacement due to physical damage. If the phone is dropped, it falls into water, or suffers most any other damage, it will be replaced free of charge. There are no deductibles applied to the protection policy.

Accessories are offered as well. Wrap around cases, a car charger, a desktop charging cradle, and an additional wall charger are a few examples of items available on the website. Owning a smart phone that is easy to operate will be helpful to most seniors.

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